Execution Excellence Audit

Instructions:  The following form is constructed to help you assess the execution levels at your organization.  Please fill out all 7 items of this form as ACCURATELY as possible, remembering that “bad” or “painful” scores are actually SIGNIFICANT OPPORTUNITIES for you to improve performance and efficiency at your organization.

  1. Approximately how often are projects significantly delayed or completed below your personal standards because of poor execution of plans (estimation is fine)?
    % of the time
  2. How often are organizational plans or company visions NOT implemented because of lack of execution (estimation is fine)?
    % of the time
  3. Where do execution problems usually occur in your organization? (Please fill in all that apply - estimation is fine).
    Leadership % of the time
    Management % of the time
    Employee % of the time
    Outside Vendor/External Partner % of the time
    Other (please specify ) % of the time
  4. Approximately how many people are involved in the execution problems referred to in item #3 (estimation is fine)?
  5. Which factors are most frequently linked with execution problems in your organization (select more than one if appropriate)?
    Unplanned for "emergencies"
    Time availability for necessary activities
    Consistent clarity of expectations
    Other (please specify )
  6. In your organization, how serious is the negative impact resulting from poor execution of plans?
    Quite serious
    An area of concern
    Somewhat serious
    Not at all serious
  7. Estimate the total annual cost of execution problems to your organization (productivity, efficiency, profit). Please fill in all that apply (estimation is fine).
    person hours/year
    % of overall budget
    not sure
    Other (please specify )

General Contact Information

Congratulations on taking the time to assess the excellence levels at your organization; many leaders fail to take this critical step in the process of organizational excellence.  If you are happy with your scores on the form above, we recommend you celebrate your excellence.  If you are NOT happy with your scores above, we recommend that you view this as an opportunity for organizational growth.  We at The Building Blocks have built a company around assisting clients with growing through execution enhancement.  If you’d like more information on how to positively impact the execution excellence at your organization, please fill out the form below and one of us will follow up with you within 2-3 working days.

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