Currently in Development:

The H2O (Help to Organizations/Ourselves) Trilogy: How to Overcome "DRY" (Doesn't Reward You and Me) Environments

  • Execution Crisis! How DRY Leadership Interrupts the Flow of Progress . . . and How H2O Can Help
  • Education Crisis!: How DRY Education Interrupts the Flow of Learning . . . and How to Develop an H2O-centered Training Approach
  • H2O for Mentors: How to be an Oasis of Support for Those in DRY Environments

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Top 3 Recommended Popular Books:

Execution (Marathon Mentality):
  1. A Bias for Action (good examples, but a little long) - Heike Bruch & Sumantra Ghoshal
  2. Execution (a little long, but good in places) - Larry Bossidy et al.
  3. Changing for Good (good for individual change) - James Prochaska et al.

Achievement (Culture of Achievement)

  1. Good to Great - Jim Collins
  2. Failing Forward - John Maxwell
  3. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (a little old, but stands the test of time) - Stephen Covey

Relationships (Self-Mastery & Interpersonal Expertise)

  1. The Eighth Habit - Stephen Covey
  2. True Success - Tom Morris
  3. On Becoming a Person (can be a little technical in places) - Carl Rogers

Scholarly Books

Bandura, A (Ed.) (1995). Self-efficacy in changing societies . New York : Cambridge University Press.

Csikszentmihalyi, M. (1990). Flow: The psychology of optimal experience . New York : HarperPerennial.

Fishbein, M., & Ajzen, I. (1975). Belief, attitude, intention, and behavior: An introduction to theory and research. Reading , MA : Addison-Wesley.

Perls, F. S., Hefferline, R. F., & Goodman, P. (1951). Gestalt therapy: Excitement and growth in the human personality. London : Penguin Books.

Wilson, S.R. (2002). Seeking and resisting compliance: Why people say what they do when trying to influence others. Thousand Oaks , CA : Sage Publications.