Training Programs

Our dynamic training programs have been developed to help organizations like yours to overcome the major barriers to organizational and personal excellence.

  • The Execution Excellence Training Program
    Do you feel that your company has the correct focus to be successful in your industry, but is failing to execute your goals and objectives at a high level? The Execution Enhancement Training Program, featuring the Marathon Mentality, has been designed to help your organization, through key leaders and managers, consistently cross this “knowing/doing gap” and to effectively execute your most important goals. more »
  • The Goal-Achievement Training Program
    Does your organization contain workers who consistently slow down progress towards goals? Do you have the energy to move, but lack a clear direction? The Goal Achievement Training Program is strategically designed to help you create a Culture of Achievement within your organization or team that aids you in bringing your vision into reality on a consistent basis. more »
  • The Championship Relationship Training Program
    The Championship Relationship Training Program is carefully designed to help you develop energizing, productive relationships at all levels inside and outside the organization. more »


Building Blocks Mini-Workshops
Topics covered in the 3 training programs are also available for discussion and facilitation within a mini-workshop format (lasting 1-2 hours).

If you are interested in a mini-workshop in areas such as Motivation, Time Management, Effective Goal Setting, Relaxation and Mind-Focusing, or Effective Interpersonal Communication, please contact us at The Building Blocks.

The Relationship Enhancement Series: The Building Blocks to Satisfying Relationships
Discovering Core Values, Appreciating Differences, Increasing Access to Self, Identifying Shared Interests, Promoting Relaxation and Fun. The Building Blocks offers this series to provide a supportive environment focused on enhancing group members’ relationship satisfaction. Click here for more details of ongoing current locations. For customized versions of this or other workshops contact contact us.