Building Blocks to Excellence -- Clients Served

We apply our solid, foundational principles to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. Below is a listing of the various clientele serviced by The Building Blocks to Excellence (TBB2E):

  • Corporations: Advertising Agency Personnel, Business Consultants, Manufacturer and Service Providers, Accounting Firms, Health and Fitness Centers, Banking and Finance, Law Enforcement Personnel.
  • Colleges and Universities: Professors, Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students, Staff.
  • Professionals: Artists, Attorneys, Entrepreneurs, Hospitality Service Managers, Public Speakers, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Licensed Marriage and Family Counselors, Counseling Psychologists.

Quotes From Clients Served

"I can count on one hand, with a few fingers to spare, the number of professionals that I have worked with in my career that are of the caliber of Dr. Higley or share his personal dedication to excellence at his profession. . . As a professional executive educator who works mostly at the Fortune 500 level, I can say without reservation that even at this early stage in his career, Brian Higley (TBB2E Founder and CEO) is in every respect far superior to nearly every other instructor I have ever worked with. . . I have personally found his mentoring and material to be based on solid principles, and my interactions with Brian have been incredibly helpful to me both personally and professionally.
- John Spence, Managing Partner, Flycaster & Company

"Working with Brian has been one of the two best investments I have made for my department's improved functioning. His research-based approach to optimizing personal and organizational effectiveness has been, simply, terrific. Even 5-10 hours a week will pay dividends . . . and won't break the bank. What exactly have my staff and I gotten from Brian's consultations? We have gotten sound, research-based ways of thinking about the everyday problems and challenges that often limit a person's and a department's effectiveness. . . More important than that, however, we have gotten both conceptual and practical tools to get where we want to go and to evaluate our actions and decisions along the way . . . The result, for me, has been a far smoother set of organizational transitions, through personnel changes, organizational structure changes, budget crises, and the like, than I ever thought possible. Moreover, as a result of working with Brian, we have accomplished far more and with more organizational cohesion and esprit de corps than I thought was possible. . . His consulting work for us has been truly first rate."
- Dr. Martin Heesacker, Professor and former Chair, University of Florida Department of Psychology

"From the first meeting there has been improvement in how team members spend their time. Prior to using [the Excellence University for Leaders system] team members' time was spent complaining about what other team members were not doing. Now the focus is on getting things done. In addition, my time is spent assisting the team reach goals rather than reminding them to focus on them. Things are actually happening and there is a sense of accomplishment in the team which we lacked before."
- Carol Albanesi, Director Customer Relations, Flagler Hospital

"As the team leader the one thing I love the most about the system is that I can log on at any time to review the Purposeful Doing Report. It allows me to see exactly where we are at in accomplishing our goals. At a glance I can see exactly what has been completed and what has not been completed. I can then drill down to determine which individual or individuals have not met the goals. I am then able to reach out to the person or persons responsible and determine why the goal hasn't been met and assist them in overcoming an obstacles preventing them for accomplishing a goal. Because we all work remotely from various locations around the state it allows me to assess our progress and address problems in "real-time" rather than finding out 2 months later during a Board meeting that something wasn't done. It also allows those individuals who are self directed to avoid feeling micro-managed. The only communication they get from me are words of praise for meeting their goals on time. . . . The results from my team have exceeded my expectations!"
- Stacie L. Buck, RHIA, CCS-P, LHRM, RCC, CIC, Vice President, Southeast Radiology Management

"Unlike other one day motivational goal setting programs, Building Blocks worked for me due to the repetition of applying the learning techniques over a period of 6 weeks. The year Brian coached me resulted in qualifying for our company's sales trip and exceeding my goals. The learning skills stick with you and are very effective. Most would logically conclude that after investing 6 years in an intense doctoral program/internship and close to 50K dollars I would be motivated to jump the last hurdle standing between me and my degree--my dissertation. . . Yet instead I found myself flat on my face, my personal and professional life stalled, and unable and/or unwilling to even open my dissertation document on my computer for months at a time. Not only was I totally overwhelmed and floundering but I realized I lacked the tools to even help myself get going again. Then I met Brian and heard about TBB for the first time. . . I began setting goals, becoming aware of and changing my negative self-talk, utilizing relaxation techniques, and finding social support. . . I found my way back up onto my feet and with time I even managed to find my stride again. I rediscovered the enjoyment and the passion that led me to study the topic in the first place, and in March 2005, I successfully defended my dissertation and cleared the final hurdle. Now, thanks to Brain and TBB, along with my degree I have the tools to help myself, as well as others, overcome all of life's hurdles to achieve a more satisfied and fulfilled life."
- Dr. Jennifer Hill, Psychologist/Therapist

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