Excellence University for Leaders

Moving your organization beyond the “Knowing-Doing Gap” into Execution Excellence


Do You Find Yourself Faced With Any of These Problems on a Consistent Basis?

  • A lack of consistent clarity about your organization’s most important goals and objectives – or how to consistently fulfill them?
  • Although your organization has the right plan to be successful in your industry, it is not executed at a consistently high level?
  • Projects or initiatives are consistently delayed, completed below your standards – or never implemented at all?
  • Teams or individuals consistently failing to get the most important things done – and making excuses all along the way?

Check Out The Execution Excellence Audit
Unsure about the potential negative impact of execution levels on your organization or about where your execution problems lie? Answer these 7 simple questions to assess the impact of execution levels within your organization.


What is the Excellence University for Leaders?

  1. Excellence University for Leaders is a set of trainings with robust on-line assessment and reporting tools that can be experienced in either an on site or completely on line manner.  These assessment, training, and tracking tools help organizations identify their most critical objectives, check consensus throughout the staff on those key objectives and put specific, measurable and agreed upon goals in to place to boost execution in powerful and purposeful ways.
  2. Included in this system are follow-up mechanisms to ensure that all goals are constantly being monitored, updated, facilitated, and rewarded in ways that powerfully reinforce quality execution.  Also included in Excellence University for Leaders are goal barrier tracking assessments, which allow leaders to have a “real time” look into the major reasons why certain goals are not being accomplished.
  3. Excellence University for Leaders also includes a training component available for teams or individuals who struggle to execute at high levels, based on the components that are most helpful to boosting personal and team effectiveness.

For more information about Excellence University for Leaders, visit the the Excellence University for Leaders website. EBSS - Execution Boost Support System, Sign Up