The TBB2E Difference

Helping Our Clients Take On The Largest Barriers to Success and Satisfaction

Our research has shown that 70-90% of critical organizational plans are never implemented. Why? You probably already know many of the reasons.

Leaders, managers and/or team members who are often:

  • Frantic: high energy, but also easily distracted away from critical tasks; frequently failing to consistently prioritize in order to execute the most important objectives first.
  • Procrastinating: consistently putting off doing the most important things while staying "busy" with activities that are not as critical to progress.
  • Burned-out: detached from their work goals altogether; focused instead on all the reasons why something "won't work", rather than working to overcome all barriers to getting the job done.

Clearly, this needs to be addressed ASAP. With all the resources (time, energy, and money) that organizations spend on payroll, along with corporate trainings, workshops and speeches each year, the level of skillful execution of critical plans and priorities should be first rate.

Unfortunately, many companies are hemorrhaging money due to suboptimal execution. Important plans are often slowed down, delayed, or never implemented at all due to a lack of understanding regarding how to facilitate consistently high performance in themselves and in others. Why spend so much time and energy on how to bring money into your organization, only to watch it fly out the window due to poor execution?

The Building Blocks to Excellence is dedicated to addressing this critical problem. We are determined to help you maximize your investment in your people!

This in not a time for "business as usual."

Now is the time to take the next step in organizational excellence.

Promoting "Execution Excellence"

We pride ourselves in our expertise in this all-important area of leadership. Our programs have been developed through:

  • Years of personal experience with helping organizations and individuals to implement critical strategic plans
  • Extensive scientific research into the major components of (and barriers to) execution
  • Invaluable feedback on our programs from professionals across a wide range of industries (such as CEOs, managers, consultants, and psychologists)
  • Time-tested principles that have facilitated positive change in groups and individuals across the centuries

Finally: Impact Over Inspiration

There are many trainings, workshops, and speeches that serve to inspire their audiences.

The TBB2E Difference is about bridging the gap between inspiration and impact - actually creating positive behavioral change. We help you leverage the resources within your organization through providing you with rock-solid analysis and training that leads to successful implementation of your most important priorities - day after day . . . week after week . . . year after year.