Consulting/Executive Coaching

The Building Blocks to Excellence' consultations are focused on helping you to achieve your primary objectives more effectively through consistent application of time-tested success principles that will powerfully leverage your potential. Our change experts possess deep-level understanding and expertise in facilitating excellence at both the individual and organizational level - the first step in promoting long-term organizational/team excellence. In order to provide the greatest impact possible, our consultation services are always customized to meet your specific needs.


We've consulted with individuals and companies in diverse industries such as accounting, advertising, banking, business consulting, finance, fitness, health, law enforcement, manufacturing, and service providers. Our consulting is focused on helping you address some of the persistent questions that keep many leaders and managers "awake at night", such as:

  • Why are some of our managers and teams failing to consistently execute goals and meet objectives - even when these objectives are clearly delineated and agreed upon?
  • How do we determine a clear plan for our organization - even when challenges are coming at us from every direction?
  • What can we do to foster trusting, energizing relationships among our people, as well as with our customers, in order to facilitate long-term success and satisfaction?

The TBB2E consultation approach is designed to assist companies like yours in systematically developing managers and leaders who execute around their most important priorities on a consistent basis. We pride ourselves in our ability to help companies develop a "Culture of Consistent, Purposeful Action", where high levels of achievement are the norm of operations - not something that happens "every once in awhile."

Our consulting practice is based on helping your leaders, managers, and other employees cross the "knowing-doing" gap - the vast gulf between being KNOWING what is important to do and actually DOING it . . . every day . . . of every month . . . of every year. Through our research-based, systematic programs, we can aid your company to consistently move toward its most important objectives. TBB2E consultation can help you to leverage your resources towards the completion of key strategic goals and objectives that so often make a critical difference to your bottom line.

Below is a list of TBB2E consulting/personal consulting areas:

Core Area I: Execution: "The Marathon Mentality"

Organizational Execution-Boosting

  • Structuring an "Execution-Friendly" organization
  • personal consulting others to execute consistently

Individual Execution Enhancement

  • Creating time for more important matters - on the job and outside of it
  • Increasing your energy and excitement on the job and at home
  • Enhancing your job satisfaction
  • Creating and maintaining satisfying and effective networking relationships

Core Area II: Goal-Achievement: "The Achievement Mentality"

Creating a Culture of Achievement

    • Structuring an "Achievement-Oriented" organization
    • Leveraging the achievement potential in others

Individual Goal-achievement Enhancement

    • High-performance goal-setting
    • Staying focused (even amid chaos)
    • Taking control of your own achievement-related "virtual reality" mechanisms

Core Area III: Interpersonal Excellence: Cultivating Championship Relationships


  • Increasing self-mastery
  • Building a satisfying work and home life
  • Connecting yourself with your mission(s) at work and in life

Interpersonal Expertise

  • Creating effective and satisfying relationships (inside and outside of the office)
  • Being a leader who people gladly follow

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