TBB Speeches

Dynamic talks on issues critical to your long-term success are now available from The Building Blocks' (TBB). TBB speeches provide you with an overview of the most vital information essential to breaking through the barriers to organizational excellence and personal effectiveness. We provide you with a variety of topics from which to choose - from increasing time for important activities to maximizing motivation to realigning organizations for increased levels of execution of critical objectives.


Since we know that your time is so valuable, we won't overwhelm you with useless information. We boil down what is currently known from the practice of organizational excellence - along with the latest research - to provide you with only the most powerful information communicated in the clearest ways.

Whether delivering a keynote address or speaking before a small team of executives, our audiences know to expect a high-quality, focused presentation that addresses their needs and interests. We have done the research for you on these topics, and specialize in helping you separate the myths from the facts in relation to organizational excellence and personal effectiveness.

Below is a list of some of the more popular TBB speech topics:

Core Area I: Execution: "The Marathon Mentality"

Organizational Execution-Boosting

  • Execution Boost: Effectively and consistently crossing the "knowing-doing gap"
  • Mentoring Others Toward Increased Execution: "Why won't they just get it done?"

Individual Willpower Enhancement

  • Increasing Your Time Perception: Making room for more of the important things at work and in life
  • Maximizing Motivation: Increasing energy and excitement on the job and at home
  • Enhancing Satisfaction: Professionally and/or personally
  • Networking For Fun and Profit: how to create long-term, win-win relationships

Core Area II: Goal-Achievement: "The Achievement Mentality"

Creating a Culture of Achievement

  • Cultivating the "Organizational Achievement Mentality": Getting the big (and small) things done:
  • Mentoring Others Toward High-Level and Consistent Achievement

Individual Goal-achievement Enhancement

  • The 7 Essential Steps to High Performance Goal-Setting
  • Sharpening & Maintaining Your Focus: Achieving in the face of obstacles
  • The 2 Paths to Increased Success Realities: Taking control of your own achievement-oriented "virtual reality" mechanisms

Core Area III: Interpersonal Excellence: Cultivating Championship Relationships


  • Self-Mastery: The 10 steps toward personal effectiveness, self-esteem, and satisfaction
  • Uncovering and Living Your "Worthy Purpose"/Life Mission

Interpersonal Expertise

  • Creating "Championship Relationships: The 10 "do's and don'ts" on the road to effective and satisfying relationships
  • Running the Race Together: Team-building for success AND satisfaction
  • Life Satisfaction 401: Building a fulfilling work and home life

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