THe Execution Excellence Training Program

  • Do all of the members of your team execute activities aligned with your strategic plan -- at a consistently high level every day of every week of every year?
  • Do all leaders and managers have a method of tracking the progress of your team's most important goals -- and know how to identify and overcome some of the most common barriers to regular, high-quality achievement?.
  • Are all of your team members on the same page on what your team does -- and how and why your team does it?

Take our 7-item Execution Excellence Assessment!

How often are projects significantly delayed because of poor execution of plans, how often are organizational plans NOT implemented because of lack of execution, where do execution problems usually occur, and how serious is the negative impact resulting from poor execution of plans? Answer these simple questions to access the execution levels at your organization.


Program Overview

A multi-method approach to strengthening your ability to help yourself and others get the most important things done, the Execution Excellence Training Program (featuring training in the "Marathon Mentality") has been carefully designed to assist you in helping all team members to consistently achieve your most team's most important goals and objectives.

Training in the Marathon Mentality produces mission-aligned leaders and managers who:

  • overcome all barriers to getting the truly important work done
  • stay highly focused and energetic, even during the toughest, most frenzied times
  • come across as reflective, calm and visionary, even amid chaos

Without the Marathon Mentality, managers and leaders tend to fall into one of the following three destructive mindsets on a regular basis:

  • Frenzied: energetic, yet distracted easily from core issues; lacking consistent focus and discipline; often hurried, frantic, and stressed, causing short-sighted, fear-based decision-making
  • Procrastinating: often putting off doing work that really matters due to a lack focus and energy; often insecure, fearing failure rather than seeing opportunity; rarely able to turn initial excitement into long-term impact
  • Detached: disengaged from work altogether; more focused on their grievances or proving they are right; often aloof, tense or apathetic/cynical


Program Details

In the current business environment, high-quality, mission-aligned strategic planning and execution is critical to your success as a company. A strategic plan that helps your entire team live its mission on a daily basis, along with high-quality execution of that plan, may be the only thing that separates you from your competition. This is why Execution Excellence is so incredibly important; without it, surviving and thriving in today's competitive marketplace is often difficult-to-impossible.

Training in the Marathon Mentality will help you run the "corporate race" towards success with your key team members running alongside you rather than needing to be dragged along by others and slowing down the entire team. In today's global marketplace, people can be our greatest resource, but only if they consistently execute on a daily basis. The Execution Excellence Training Program will help you and your organization produce mission-aligned, solution-focused leaders and managers focused on getting the job done.

The Execution Excellence Training Program includes assessment, tracking, and training tools designed to help teams and organizations clarify and execute their strategic plans. Based on decades of experience and research, these tools help leaders, managers and their employees achieve their most important goals via powerful mechanisms of:

  • developing "execution-friendly" plans -- plans that are likely to get accomplished at a high level of quality
  • tracking how well all team members achieve their most important goals
  • quickly identifying team-wide and individual barriers to consistent goal achievement
  • developing effective solutions to goal-achievement barriers and efficiently implementing these solutions on a team-wide basis


3 Levels of Impact: The Marathon Mentality


Level 1: Organizational Excellence
Maximizing performance of your team members toward the achievement of important goals while minimizing wasted time and energy (due to an inability to execute in focused, high-quality ways on a daily basis).

Level 2: Personal Effectiveness
Increasing one's ability to clarify important goals and move towards those goals in an enjoyable, productive manner while decreasing confusion, wasted time, low morale, and lack of vision.

Level 3: Work/Life Satisfaction
Living a life filled with meaning and energy (both at work and at home) while avoiding the dissatisfaction of procrastination, frenzied doing, and detachment from personal and professional visions that make life worth living.

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