The Goal Achievement Training Program

  • Does your organization contain workers who consistently struggle to achieve goals in high-quality ways?
  • Does your team seem to waste time, energy, and money on unhelpful or unnecessary activity?
  • Are great ideas tossed aside because team members believe that they are impossible to achieve?

Take our 7-item Achievement Mentality Assessment

How often are projects significantly delayed, how often are business plans NOT implemented, how many people are involved in the achievement challenges, and how serious is the impact from poor achievement skills/abilities? Answer these simple questions to access the Achievement Mentality levels at your organization.


Program Overview

The Goal Achievement Training Program is carefully designed to help you create a Culture of Achievement throughout your team; a culture that aids you in bringing your visions into reality on a consistent basis. This program trains clients in the "Achievement Mentality"; a mentality that helps leaders, managers, and employees who:

  • know evidence-based methods of setting goals that powerfully improve the probability of achievement
  • are able to sharpen and maintain focus on the most important things -- and decrease distrations that can seriously harm achievement levels
  • increase all team members' achievement-related competence and confidence levels

Leaders and managers who lack the Achievement Mentality are often problem- (rather than solution-)focused and often think and promote the following types of thinking in relation to achievement of important goals:

  • "that will never work"
  • "we won't ever be able to make that happen"
  • "we tried that in the past and it never worked, why should we expect any different outcomes now?"


Program Details

In today's global marketplace, our people can be our greatest resource, but only if they are well-versed in the art and science of goal-achievement. The Achievement Mentality will help you and your organization produce highly effective, solution-focused leaders, managers, and employees who know how to identify and overcome the most common barriers to high-level goal achievement.


3 Levels of Impact: The Achievement Mentality


Level 1: Organizational Excellence
Maximizing performance of your team members toward the achievement of important goals while minimizing wasted time and energy (due to an inability to execute on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis).

Level 2: Personal Effectiveness
Increasing one’s ability to clarify important goals and move towards those goals in an enjoyable, productive manner while decreasing confusion, wasted time, and lack of vision.

Level 3: Work/Life Satisfaction
Living a life of directed autonomy while avoiding the dissatisfaction of procrastination and detachment.

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