The Championship Relationship Training Program

  • Are you able to attract and retain the best and brightest talent available to your team?
  • Have you lost customers and prospects because of an inability to establish and maintain trusting relationships?
  • Could your organization be more successful if key people worked together more effectively toward common goals?

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How often are projects significantly delayed, how often are organizational plans or company visions NOT implemented, where do interpersonal problems usually occur, and approximately how many people are involved in the interpersonal problems? Answer these simple questions to access the relationship levels at your organization.


Program Overview

The Championship Relationship Training Program is carefully designed to help you develop energizing, productive relationships at all levels inside and outside the organization. This program trains clients in the "Championship Relationship Mentality," a hallmark of leaders and managers who:

  • are very comfortable and effective relating to themselves, others, and their mission
  • support their team members and clients by interacting with them with respect and candor
  • diminish infighting and create more security, comfort, and sense of belongingness among team members

Leaders and managers who lack the Championship Relationship Mentality usually oversee an organization or division with talented employees who:

  • are less productive than they could be because they do not trust or like their leaders
  • have lower morale and productivity because of regular miscommunication and bickering, often causing the most talented people to look elsewhere for employment
  • lose customers because they are so focused on "closing the deal" that they alienate their clients by not deeply listening to them and attending to their needs


Program Details

The business landscape of the 21st century has created a war for both talented employees and loyal customers. Many of the best and brightest employees understand their value in the marketplace, and potential clients know that they have a variety of choices at their fingertips. What will help you attract and keep talented individuals on your team and valuable customers on your client list? The Championship Relationship Mentality will help you create an organizational culture that is energizing and supportive, unleashing the full power of all team members' talents and abilities and providing the right atmosphere for successful long-term relationship-building with clients.

All Championship Relationship trainings, assessments, and tracking tools are based on decades of experience and research in the areas that separate individuals who consistently build trusting and energizing relationships from those who only wish that they could do so. The Championship Relationship Training Program is separated into three phases:

Phase 1: Self-Mastery
Phase 1 of the training program puts first things first; it focuses on 10 areas most highly associated with gaining stronger influence over your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; influence that is critical to achieving your relationship goals. Also covered in this phase are the 10 most common distractions to enhancing Self-Mastery.

Phase 2: Interpersonal Expertise
Strong interpersonal skills are critical to team excellence, personal effectiveness, and job/life satisfaction. This phase of the training program is centered on enhancing your ability to create effective, satisfying relationships with others -- both on and off the job -- and how to handle the 10 largest roadblocks to Interpersonal Expertise.

Phase 3: Mission Connection
Research shows that feeling connected to a mission that is bigger than oneself is often strongly associated with high-level goal achievement and deep satisfaction with one's life (both on and off the job). The ability to help others feel connected to such a mission is a critical component of leadership excellence. This level of the training program is focused on becoming more skilled at connecting yourself with a mission that will increase your job and life satisfaction -- and helping others do the same. The top 10 "Mission Connection Pitfalls" are also covered in this phase of the program.

Can you imagine a team with 90% fewer problems?
Based on our research and the research of others in the field, we believe that over 90% of personal and professional problems are rooted in low levels of self-mastery, interpersonal expertise, and mission connection. Help make your part of the world more problem-free with the Championship Relationship Training Program!


3 Levels of Impact: The Championship Relationship Mentality


Level 1: Organizational Excellence
Maximizing performance of your team members within the organization and with clients while reducing wasted time and energy (due factors like poor self-control, ineffective communication, and low morale).

Level 2: Personal Effectiveness
Increasing your ability to interact effectively and enjoyably with co-workers, clients, family, and friends for the mutual benefit of all while minimizing procrastination, pettiness, misunderstandings, and back-stabbing.

Level 3: Work/Life Satisfaction
Living a life full of energizing and satisfying relationships while effectively managing those relationships that are less satisfying (so they do not drain your energy and motivation for important personal and professional goals).

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